Where and how to write a complaint about the bank — 6 options

Often there are situations when the client is dissatisfied with the services provided. This can happen in a store, and in a hairdresser, and in a government office, as well as in a financial institution — a bank.

If the bank, represented by its employees, cannot independently solve the problem or conflict that has arisen, then the client needs to defend his rights. You can solve the problem of incorrect operation of the ATM, illegal debiting of funds, incompetence of bank employees and many other problems by filing a complaint against the actions of bank employees or the bank itself.

1. Ways to write a complaint about the bank

In the event of certain controversial issues arising in the course of financial relations with the bank, the question often arises: where to complain in case of violation of rights.

1.1. Directly to the bank

First of all, you need to contact the offending bank itself for an explanation of these controversial situations. You can do this through the bank teller or contact the head of the branch. Complaints can be filed either verbally or in writing. It is better to make a written request in two copies, one of which should be kept for yourself with a note that the bank received the other copy.

You can also ask the bank for a book of complaints and leave your claim there, but in this case you will not know about its decision.

In addition to the bank branch with which an unpleasant situation occurred, you can contact the higher bank and the main office. This can be done in four ways:

  • personally;
  • by mail (by registered mail with notification);
  • electronically by filling out an application on the official website;
  • by telephone hotline;

1.2. Feedback on the portal banki.ru

In the age of modern technology, when the Internet has a huge impact on the processes taking place in the public, there are many platforms where you can leave a complaint. As a rule, banks that value their reputation are afraid of publicity and monitor negative reviews about their work. The largest and most influential portal is banki.ru.

I myself left a claim to the bank and waited for an answer for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks. After writing a review on the bank.ru website, the bank manager answered me personally a day later. And after 3 days my problem was solved.

In addition to the banka.ru website, there are also review sites and large forums. You can also leave your feedback on them to make the problem more public.

1.3. Roskomnadzor

If these measures did not lead to a solution to the problem, then you can complain to Roskomnadzor, which is the controlling and supervisory authority for protecting consumer rights regarding his personal data. That is, if your personal identification data is used by organizations without your consent or transferred to third parties, then you must immediately write an appeal to this service. You can also apply online or in person.

1.4. Rospotrebnadzor

Rospotrebnadzor serves as a body for the protection of consumer rights in relation to purchased products or services rendered, including by financial institutions. Therefore, if you think that your rights as a consumer of financial services have been violated, do not hesitate to contact them.

1.5. Association of Russian Banks

Among other things, you can apply for a violation of the rules of banking activities to the Association of Russian Banks or to the financial ombudsman. Both are designed to resolve controversial issues of financial activity.

1.6. Through the court

And finally, you can go to court with a lawsuit. In this case, the claim is drawn up in the prescribed form, and the state fee is paid. Based on the results of the consideration of the claim, a decision is made to satisfy the claim or to refuse to satisfy it.

But I hope that you will never have to complain through the court, because this is a protracted and lengthy process.

You can file a complaint against a bank with the Federal Antimonopoly Service if it violates the rules of competition or advertising.

2. Is it possible to complain to the Central Bank

The Central Bank is the main bank of the country and acts as a regulatory body for the activities of all banks. Its competence includes control over the circulation of money in the country and over the activities of all financial organizations. Therefore, the Bank of Russia can impose penalties on financial companies, as well as issue and revoke licenses.

Contacting such a body will be the most effective way to protect your rights in case of their violation by the bank. But, since there are a sufficient number of such appeals, not all of them are considered there. And only those situations in which the bank violates the basic canons of a license to carry out financial activities or violates the rules for conducting banking operations.

You can apply to the Central Bank both personally with a written application, and remotely by leaving an online application on the official website of the bank. Or you can send a complaint by mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

After considering the complaint, the bank, within the established time limits, gives an answer on satisfaction of the applicant’s requirements and taking certain measures against the violating bank or on refusal.

3. How to make a complaint

There are no general requirements for filing a complaint against a financial institution. However, the basic rules of office work and official document flow should be observed.

A complaint can be made both in the form of a claim and in the form of an application. It can be done electronically, printed, or handwritten.

The first step is to correctly fill out the «cap» of such an application. Namely, specify the following data:

  • to whom the complaint is sent (name of the body and legal address);
  • from whom the complaint is sent (last name, first name, patronymic, address of registration or residence and contact phone number).

Then the title of the document is indicated — a complaint, statement or claim.

The following describes all the circumstances of the conflict situation (what happened and when, what rights were violated).

You must also attach documents supporting your application. These can be checks or other cash documents, contracts and other applications.

In conclusion, you must correctly express all your requirements and confirm the application by signing it and setting the date.

Thus, no matter how difficult the situation, you can always solve it. If the bank does not eliminate the cause of the conflict on its own, then contacting higher or other competent authorities will be the right decision.

See also the video: how to file a complaint/claim against a bank

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