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A debit card is a card linked to a bank account from which you can withdraw money or pay with it. The main feature of debit cards is that they contain only your personal money (unlike credit cards).

You can connect a salary project to a debit card, you can withdraw money whenever you want. This is your personal money, which you can manage as you like.

What is a debit card and what are their advantages
1. Debit cards — introduction

1. Debit cards — introduction

Each bank has its own versions of debit cards. Therefore, the choice on the market is very large. However, only a few cards from this set can maximize your savings and budget.

We list the main conditions of the Tinkoff Black Platinum debit card. In addition to this card, there are others that are made with a reference to something (for example, travel, buying air tickets, etc.). In this article, we will take a closer look at the classic map.

2. Terms of the Tinkoff debit card

Tinkoff debit card terms
Terms of the Tinkoff debit card

Let’s consider all the conditions of the Tinkoff Black Platinum debit card point by point. This is the most versatile and best card.

2.1. Interest on card balance

Interest on the balance on the Tinkoff debit card
Interest on card balance

Interest on the balance of 7.0% on the card. Previously, it was significantly higher (14%, 12%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 6%). Depending on the key rate of the Central Bank, Tinkoff periodically adjusts this rate.

In order to receive 7.0%, it is necessary to make from the beginning of the period of operations in the amount of 3,000 rubles or more (absolutely any purchases). As soon as the condition is met, your money begins to lie at interest. If you do not make any expenses, then the percentage will be zero.

The maximum amount on which interest is charged is 300 thousand rubles. If there is more on the card, then the bet will be 2 times less for this amount. For example, if the amount on the card is 400 thousand rubles, then 300 thousand — 7.0%, and 100 thousand two times less.

There is an option to use a savings account as a way of holding money over 300 thousand rubles and with the same interest rate of 6%. The amount on this account is not limited.

Summing up, the interest on the card balance is really solid. In this regard, Tinkoff has only a few competitors.

2.2. Cashback on all purchases from 1%

Cashback on all purchases from 1% with a Tinkoff debit card
Cashback on all purchases from 1%

Solid cashback on all purchases from 1%. For example, you pay for food, clothes, tickets with a Tinkoff card. At the end of your billing period, you will be refunded 1% of all purchases.

Each quarter, there is an opportunity to choose 3 categories of increased cashback (5%). Each user has their own categories and changes every quarter. For example, it can be «Flowers», «Animals», «Railway Tickets», «Sports», «Gas Station», «Cinema».

2.3. How Tinkoff cashback is calculated

For example, you buy something in the amount of 99.9 rubles. Cashback will not be credited for such a purchase, since the refund amount is less than 1 ruble. Cashback from the Tinkoff debit card is credited only for amounts that are multiples of 100 rubles.

For example, for the purchase of 500 and 599 rubles, the same cashback amount of 5 rubles will be credited.

Note 1

There are bonus offers from individual stores / services. When you activate the offer, you can get a 30% discount. For example, I activated an offer from Burger King several times.

Note 2

The maximum amount of cashback per month is 3000 rubles. But special offers are taken into account separately and taking into account them, the return may be greater. For example, for regular payments 1000 rubles, and for a special offer 5000 rubles, then the total will be 6000 rubles.

2.4. Free card service

Free Tinkoff debit card service
Free card service

Maintenance of the card costs 99 rubles, but you can easily make it free. To do this, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Have at least 30 thousand rubles on the card during the whole month. If at least once a month at the end of the day the amount is less than 30 thousand, then the condition is not met
  • Have a deposit in Tinkoff Bank in the amount of at least 50 thousand rubles

Personally, I stick to the first option and have never paid 99 rubles for a service.

2.5. Withdraw money from any ATM without commission

Withdraw money from any ATM without commission
Withdraw money from any ATM without commission

The Tinkoff debit card allows you to withdraw money without commission at any ATM in the world. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 rubles, otherwise a commission of 2% (but not less than 90 rubles) will be charged.

There is also a maximum monthly withdrawal limit of 100 thousand rubles. If the monthly withdrawal limit of 100 thousand rubles is exceeded, a withdrawal fee (2%) will be charged. Information about limits is available in the Internet bank. True, you can ask him to increase it individually by calling the operator.

Through Tinkoff ATMs, you can withdraw 500 thousand rubles a day.

As an alternative withdrawal option, you can send money to your account in another bank for free and withdraw it there (for example, through a Sberbank account).

2.6. Convenient card replenishment options

Options for replenishing a Tinkoff debit card card
Convenient card replenishment options

The card can be topped up as much as possible per month in the amount of 300 thousand rubles through partners (MTS, Megafon, Svyaznoy, etc.) or by transfer from cards of other banks. Transfers in excess of 300 thousand rubles during the billing period (month) will be subject to a commission.

If transfers are made within Tinkoff Bank, then this restriction is absent. For example, if another Tinkoff client transfers an amount of 100 thousand rubles to you, then this amount is not taken into account in the replenishment limit of 300 thousand rubles.

In addition, you can transfer money directly to your Tinkoff account from other banks for any amount (this operation will be commission-free).

2.7. Other conditions

  • Free interbank transfers. You can transfer amounts up to 800 thousand rubles daily without commission to your accounts in other banks.
  • There are no restrictions and limits on transfers between Tinkoff Bank customers.
  • SMS service 59 rubles / month.
  • There is an Internet bank (the largest in the world). There are apps for Andorid and IOS
  • Transfer to another bank card is free for up to 20 thousand rubles per month. A fee will be charged for amounts above.

3. How to order and receive a Tinkoff card — step by step instructions

How to order and receive a Tinkoff debit card
How to order and receive a Tinkoff card — step by step instructions

Tinkoff Bank has no offices, so you can order a card online (i.e. via the Internet). Many are afraid of this, but on the other hand, this bank has much more favorable conditions for everything. And why go to a bank branch if all issues are resolved through the Internet bank or a call to the operator.

Consider step-by-step instructions on how to order a Tinkoff debit card.

3.1. Filling out an online application for a card

Go to the official Tinkoff page with debit cards: tinkoff.ru/debet

Enter the following information (only reliable data!):

  • Full name
  • Contacts
  • Passport data
  • Address of the actual residence
  • Place of work
Fill out an online application for a Tinkoff debit card
Filling out an online application for a card

Click on the submit button. After that, we wait 1-3 days (this time will be spent on verification), after which you will be contacted to agree on the place of delivery of the card. Once again, I remind you that delivery is free anywhere.

3.2. Getting a card

The Tinkoff courier will arrive at the place and time you have chosen with your card. He will have a contract with him to sign. You must have your passport with you.

The courier will take a picture of you along with the card, take a picture of your passport. Nothing is required of you except signing the contract. This completes the acquisition process.

Now you can activate the card at any time. This can be done through the website or by calling the operator.

The PIN code will be dictated by the answering machine. It will need to be written down.

4. How to top up a Tinkoff card

The Tinkoff debit card can be replenished in various ways (this is its big plus). And without commission.

Firstly, this can be done directly from another bank card without commission (if the sending bank does not charge a commission). For example, from a Sberbank card, you can replenish a Tinkoff card without commission. But there is a limit of 300 thousand rubles a month.

Secondly, you can replenish the card through partners (their list is quite large). For example, the salons of MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, Svyaznoy, etc. All available options can be found on the Tinkoff website. The limit through partners is 300 thousand rubles per month (it is added to the replenishment by a bank card).

Thirdly, you can make an interbank transfer to your account.

5. Reviews of Tinkoff debit cards

On the net you can find many interesting reviews about Tinkoff cards. Me and all my friends use the Tinkoff Black Platinum debit card. None of them had any problems for several years of work. Everything is clear, without deception.

The only thing that can cause concern is the contract, which contains a clause that Tinkoff can terminate cooperation with the client without giving reasons. The money will naturally be returned, but the service may be permanently closed for some customers.

As an alternative to the Tinkoff card, I can advise: «Benefit» from HomeCredit Bank. Her rate is even higher than 6%, cashback 1%, free maintenance, free withdrawals.

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