Binary options trading — scam or truth

Opinions about binary options differ. Some are sure that this is a scam, others believe that this is a real opportunity to earn money. The reason for so much negativity around this topic is completely different. This topic is extremely important for many beginners, and therefore requires detailed consideration. Where does such a large number of negative reviews come from on the Internet, is it correct to compare brokers with casinos, is it realistic to make money — these and other nuances will be analyzed in the article.

Binary options and casino — what’s the difference

The principle of the casino does not need additional introduction. In it, the final outcome of bets is determined by chance. However, the vast majority of players lose their funds sooner or later. The reason lies in the inability to control the feeling of excitement, and not in the fact that such establishments are supposedly scammers.

From the point of view of an outside observer, it may seem that binary options brokers work on a similar principle. There really is something in common. For example, the fact that customer transactions are not displayed on a real exchange — transactions are concluded only within brokerage companies.

There is a difference between binary options and a casino — it is fundamental. It is impossible to predict the outcome of a bet in gambling, everything is decided by chance. The result of trading in derivatives markets depends on whether the user guessed the direction of price movement (up or down). However, the exchange rate, unlike roulette or slot machines, does not move randomly, but according to certain rules.

The laws of market behavior can be mastered by anyone, but this cannot be done in one hour, it will take much more time. Experienced traders can with a high degree of probability (but not guaranteed) predict the price movement in the near future, and make a profit. And there is no such thing as an “experienced casino player” at all, because. the number of bets made and the «experience» of participation in gambling does not increase the probability of winning in any way.

Where does negativity come from

There are a very large number of negative reviews on the Internet, which claim that binary options are a scam, a scam and a scam, and it is impossible to make money there. Obviously, such a number of comments cannot be custom, therefore, they are left by real people.

Who leaves negative feedback:

1 «Seekers of easy money». Users who follow a well-known path fall into this category. First, attractive advertising with «loud» promises of big earnings gets into the area of ​​attention. Secondly, the need for training before investing real money is completely ignored. This behavior of newcomers is stimulated by aggressive marketing. If you don’t even have basic knowledge in the field of exchange trading, you definitely shouldn’t start your acquaintance with investing a large amount of real money. In this situation, it is more advisable to pre-train on a free demo account.

2 Deceived users. We are talking about clients who cooperated with fraudulent brokers. A significant percentage of negative reviews indicate that there were difficulties with the withdrawal of funds. However, it must be emphasized here that small delays in processing the application do not mean that the company is a fraudster. And especially impatient users are ready to blame the broker for anything after a delay of one day, although the payment will come on the second or third day.

Is it really possible to make money?

It was found that binary options have a significant advantage over the casino, which elevates them to a level above ordinary gambling. But in order to learn how to make money on stock trading, you need to set aside time and put some effort into learning. The base level can be purchased fairly quickly.

It is very important to cooperate with reliable brokers. This will eliminate the risks of outright fraud, when companies boldly refuse to withdraw funds and simply block customer deposits. Such brokers do not stay on the market for a long time, but during their existence they often manage to deceive thousands of users.

The best option for starting newbies is the Binomo broker. This company has been operating on the market for more than 5 years. Its activities are controlled by the official Russian regulator CROFR, which guarantees the observance of user rights.

If there are negative reviews about Binomo on the Internet, then in most cases they are left by the seekers of “easy money”, who, of course, were disappointed from working with the broker. But it is not the company that is to blame for this, but the clients themselves because of their amateurish approach to trading and their fundamental unwillingness to learn trading.

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